Sep 13, 2013

Shopping, bubbles and girlfriends

DJ in work...

The other night me and some friends were invited to an exclusive shopping event at Club Monaco. Since we wasn´t that familiar with the brand we decided to check it out. Also the gorgeous fashion editor Columbine Smille from glossy magazine StyleBy had chosen her favourites from the fall collection. And Champagne is always right when shopping. (And as I always say, never underestimate a little retail therapy...)

Very yummie...
Fashion editor Columbines Smille's choices for fall. (I bought the black wool jumper in the left corner, which is the classic perfect piece to wear to about everything.)
Totally into collarless coats and jackets this season (works excellent with a scarf, being a total scarf lover...)
Promising goodie bags (who doesn´t love a surprise goodie bag?)

Loving the interior in this store
Very happy with the wrap around bracelet in olive green and gold that came with the goodie bag. I can´t get enough of wrap around bracelets...Pink stone bracelet from Charlotte Bonde.)


  1. Oj, det lät som en riktigt trevlig kväll! Önskar dig en härlig helg! Kram Jennifer

  2. Retail therapy 3.0!

    How lovely. And honestly, I miss a good session like this. I realize it has been too long ;) Collarless coats are my favorites, including scarves. The bracelet is very pretty.

    Have a fab weekend!


  3. Looks like so much fun and love both of your bracelets-lucky lady!!!

  4. What a fun night on the town. A little champagne is always fun! I love a wrap bracelet too. Have been carrying Lizou France wraps in my Stylemindchic Boutique and they are very popular. Fun Post!!
    xx, Heather