Sep 19, 2013

A lovely little hotel acquaintance

One of my favourite excursions in Marbella is to drive the short way up to the little Moorish mountain village Benahavis. This is a truly picturesque, although today rather polished, village known for its many restaurants. Benahavis constantly changes. When we first came here many years ago there were one local restaurant. It´s still there and still great, but today there are many more restaurants to chose from. This year we fell in love with a new acquaintance, the adorable little Amanhavis hotel.

Entering the Benahavis village up in the mountains

The village is full of details everywhere

The central town square - very charming in the evening

Restaurants everywhere 

The secluded backyard of the Amanhavis hotel
The hotel is full of charm and character

A good night's sleep
Preserved details everywhere 
The sun terrace for the hotel guests 
The view from the terrace over the village

If I shall describe the Amanhavis hotel I should say small, charming, unique and rustic but yet with elegance to it, and of course with a great restaurant. The pool may be small, but oh so appreciated since it can get rather hot up in the mountains...

More info and prices at Amanhavis Hotel