Aug 28, 2013

Not sure how to land after the holidays...[PUERTO BANUS]

So now the summer officially is over in our family. Back to school and work and normal routines. After almost three weeks in Puerto Banus in the Marbella area in Spain we arrived in Sweden yesterday. I often find it rather difficult to adjust the first couple of days after a longer break. 

This is a great little authentic Spanish restaurant serving the greatest tapas
The restaurant is open daily and is located very conveniently just over the street from department store El Corte Inglés...
It´s a bit sad that it´s over, for this time, and also the lifestyle with so much time for family and friends is very appealing...and the sun, the long baths, the excursions, the long lunches with rosé and not having anything else to discuss  but where or what to eat next time or if we should go in the pool or swim in the ocean (the pool almost always wins, with three kids we are out numbered:). So I leave you with some holiday photos while I´ll go and unpack and do all that other stuff related to coming home with a minor chaos, and I will show you more of my favourite places in Marbella later on. After spending 15 summers in a row in the area you get to know your favourites. Hope you´re all well and I´ll be happy to catch up with you and some of my favourite blogs soon, the Internet connection has just been very poor in our apartment, hence the lack of comments and visits.