Aug 9, 2013

Ebba Brahes' new jewellery

One of my faves...
Beautiful display
Summer time is the perfect time for ohhing and ahhhing over nice jewellery while sipping cold Champagne with girlfriends...Well, at least that is what we did the other day being invited to a jewellery presentation for newly launched Swedish brand Ebba Brahe. Created by two designing gemologists sharing a passion for jewellery and precious stones.

Gorgeous in their simplicity[...and perfect complement to e.g white shirt and jeans outfit]

Canapés doesn´t get better than Swedish vendace roe...
Beautiful earrings in the perfect blue colour
These bracelets with charms are great single, or the more the merrier...
Beautiful (though demands a great party...)
Johanna Pietsch | Founder
Charlotte Ramel | Founder
According to Charlotte Ramel and Johanna Pietsch "the source of inspiration for Ebba Brahe Jewellery comes from nature and the significance of stories behind pieces of jewellery. It embraces the symbolic importance of gem stones and reflects the rich heritage from the time of young Ebba Brahe. This impressive range is a result of the duo's love for beautiful jewellery and the belief in the karma it carries."

Refresh my memory, who was Ebba Brahe...? 
"Ebba Brahe, a succesfull business woman with a strong character and a great love for fashion and fabulous jewellery, is an important source of inspiration for us. She broke the heart of the young King Gustav II Adolf in the early 1600. Their love was never accepted by his mother. Yet she got married, gave birth to 14 children and lived until the age of 78 all whilst running castles, mansions and a successful mining business."

The range can be bough at Stockholm Market and soon in the web shop at Ebba Brahe Jewellery.


  1. Men du det måste ha varit underbart att få titta på så fina smycken! Jag hade aldrig hört talas om det märket. Och skoj att få lite historia om Ebba också :-).
    Ha en riktigt bra helg! Kram Jennifer

  2. So beautiful! I am in love with every pair of earrings here. x

  3. I LOVE jewellery, Caroline...I don't know this name I'm going to pop across to their website :-)
    Happy Weekend.

  4. Gorgeous pieces. Did pop over to their webshop but nothing listed at the moment :-(
    I love the earrings you like also; the pink just pops.
    Have a lovely weekend x

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