Jul 1, 2013

The Monday Pep Talk | 5 Steps to financial success

This summer I will be reading this book for inspiration. Jack Canfield is an extremely successful author and inspirational business speaker. He also has a website full of information and inspiration. One of the important things in a successful business life is having financial health. Here are Jack Canfields five steps to follow to achieve that.
1. Shift Your Financial Thinking
What limiting beliefs do you hold? 

2. Evaluate the Condition of Your Financial Health
Where do you stand today, and where do you want to be tomorrow?

3. Adopt a Mindset of Service
Ask yourself how your service or product can help others. The reward of making other people happy will make your journey complete. 

4.Get Your Cash Flow Under Control
Find out how to increase your savings by cutting down on unnecessary things and increase your cash flow.

5. Create Your Success Strategy
Create your own step-by-step plan for how to reach your goals nearby and in the future. According to Jack Canfield this is the most important step, and it´s also important not to worry about this getting perfect from the beginning. This can be adjusted over time and is an ongoing process.

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