Jul 2, 2013

Swedish hotel gem by the sea

At summer we love a classic hotel by the sea. This is exactly what Vitemölla Badhotell is, located in Kivik in the über pittoresque Österlen area. It´s been a while since I visited, by I remember the great food, the views and old school charm and elegance that comes with a hotel situated like this, just a short step from the beach. Can´t wait to go back.


  1. OMG!! Sweden was one of my best summer holidays I ever had as a child. I just remember crying and crying when we had to go home. It was actually on a small island and I can't remember for the life of me where in Sweden it was.
    p.s the Francesca earrings you like will be offered to my subscribers/blog followers with a 15% this week. Thought I would just give you a tip-off ;-)

  2. This place looks wonderful. Have a peaceful vacation.