Jul 30, 2013

Next stop beauty for fab online entrepreneurs

Katherine Power, Britt Aboutaleb, Hillary Kerr
Today saw the launch of the latest offspring from the girls behind WhoWhatWear. They decided that beauty need its own online shopping mall and launched Byrdie. This is precisely like WWW and their other site Domain (a site dedicated to the home) a shopping site with editorial content. Today you can learn which products the actress Amanda Seyfried prefers to use, (she uses a lot from the great-but- impossible-to-find-in-Scandinavia brand ClĂ© de Peau) or how to pick the perfect coloured lipstick. If you´re a beauty junkie this is a must-stop-by. But I am also interested in the fabulous founders behind these online shopping magazines. Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power met when they both worked as editors for ELLE (US). They knew they wanted to do something together, and they knew they loved reading about celebrities. Not what the celebrities were doing, but what they were wearing, and where to buy it. In 2006 they launched WhoWhatWear (actually refreshing to find out that they have worked hard for many years and that this isn´t an overnight Internet wonder). If you're curious about the girls own style you can see more on the coveteur.
[Photo from Byrdie.com newsletter]