Jul 18, 2013

Blog tip | NY fashionista moves to the countryside

I think many of us from time to time dream of trying out a totally different lifestyle. When the fashion director of Barneys in NYC announced that she was leaving the city that never sleeps for a life in the British countryside she made headlines in the New York Post.

Amanda Brooks tells the story to British VOGUE how she made it in the competitive fashion industry (she "faked it till she made it"according to herself) and how she eventually found herself totally caught up in that world. "I realised that having a recognisable style and a presence at parties with people I admired had a real currency. The more my picture was taken the more invitations arrived, free clothes started pouring in, and eventually other job offers started to appear." Amanda Brooks' husband is British and due to family obligations they had to move to his farm (a rather grand British farm that is I suspect:). This forced her to re-evalute her life and she realised that she had let clothes define her for a very, very long time. Now having lived over a year on the farm she says "I love spending so much time on my own, not surrounded by people. After years of going from a busy office to a packed subway to a crowded restaurant to a bustling home, I found it a tremendous luxury to be inside the thoughts in my own head for much of the day." I have been reading Amanda Brooks blog for a long time. If you´re curious to read more about life on the farm from a former fashionistas point of view head over to her I Love Your Style.

Ps, Amanda Brooks fashion advice: "I always dress the part. My only rule was to never buy the trend of the season unless I was sure I would wear it beyond the three months of its expected fashion lifespan."

[Images via Pinterest]