Jul 5, 2013

75 ways to live a HAPPY LIFE

There are endless ways of living a positive life. It´s of course highly individual. Above all I think it´s important to recognise what creates a positive and happy living for oneself. To create some core values for happiness to live by. The happiness expert Dani from postively present sums up her 75 best ways to live a positively present life:
1. Love yourself first. 
2. Live in the present moment. 
3. Don’t ignore the past. 
4. Look for the good in everyone. 
5. Don’t believe everything you think. 
6. Be honest with yourself. 

7. Do what you enjoy doing. 
8. Give back to others. 
9. Practice patience. 
10. Don’t avoid conflict. 
11. Know what really matters. 
12. Learn to say no. 
13. Learn to say yes. 
14. Create positive rituals. 
15. Find something to believe in. 
16. Accept what you cannot change. 
17. Don’t try to change others. 
18. Stand up for yourself. 
19. Be grateful for what you have. 
20. Avoid judgments and stereotypes.
21. Expect good things. 
22. Be open-minded. 
23. Find a positive outlet. 
24. Use positive language. 
25. Take chances. 
26. Don’t sabotage your happiness. 
27. Find your voice and listen to it. 
28. Surround yourself with positive people. 
29. Believe in your ability to change your life. 
30. Don’t compare yourself to others. 
31. Ask for help. 
32. Take life one day at a time. 
33. Treat others how they want to be treated. 
34. Don’t let fear hold you back. 
35. Avoid complaining. 
36. Don’t create unnecessary drama. 
37. Stop making excuses. 
38. Get rid of mental clutter. 
39. Get rid of physical clutter.  
40. Set up clear boundaries. 
41. Seek out opportunities. 
42. Don’t take things personally. 
43. Celebrate the little things. 
44. Trust your intuition. 
45. Help others help themselves. 
46. Be a good listener. 
47. Don’t take life so seriously. 
48. Pick your battles. 
49. Highlight your strengths. 
50. Reclaim your muchness. 
51. Look for beauty everywhere. 
52. Let go of what you don’t need. 
53. Work hard and play hard. 
54. Know your life has a purpose. 
55. Greet yourself with love. 
56. Acknowledge when you are wrong. 
57. Pay attention to what your body is saying. 
58. Take calming time-outs. 
59. See the world as it is. 
60. Don’t wait for someday. 
61. Look for learning opportunities. 
62. Know your personal limits. 
63. Make time to play. 
64. Don’t settle. Ever. 
65. Don’t waste time on hate and envy. 
66. Agree to disagree. 
67. Don’t assume you know what others think. 
68. Handle stress positively. 
69. Inspire yourself – and others. 
70. Do your best in everything. 
71. Turn your face to the sun. 
72. Stop wanting to be what you’re not. 
73. Know that you are not alone. 
74. Pay attention to “I am…”
75. Be your own hero. 

On Postively Present you can download these 75 ways in a free PDF. 

[Image via Pinterest]