Jun 19, 2013

When can we move in? [INTERIORS]

One of my favourite streets in the world is Karlavägen in Stockholm. Have a look at this gorgeous brand new apartment building on that street. And what about that terrace? 

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I´ve lived on Karlavägen for several years and that our first two children spent their first time in life there. But it also definitely has something to do with it being a beautiful street with its characteristic long, green avenue running in the middle. And that special feeling of a small town in a big city. I am totally loving this newly renovated building on Karlavägen 76. Former used as office space, the house is now being restored to its former glory. "The interior decor and ambiance can best be described as sophisticated luxury: a classic turn-of-the-century residence, full of light and updated both in modern design and function" says proprietor Oscar Properties. I love the interior style, the location and can only imagine the candle light dinners on the roof top terrace, overlooking the beautiful city of Stockholm.

 [Photos with permission from Oscar Properties]