Jun 7, 2013

BON Weekend! [ROAD TRIP]

...to Brussels, Capital of Belgium and also often referred to as capital of Europe 
I´ll definitely indulge in the Belgian specialty Moule Frites...

...and we don´t want to be unfriendly so better have a Belgian waffle as well...
Loving this Oscar de la Renta dress, lace being a true Belgian speciality as well

It´s the weekend! My husband and I are on a road trip, and actually left yesterday. We´re heading for Brussels, where we´re visiting longtime university friends who lives there. I´ve never been to Brussels so we´re really excited discovering a new city. We were planning on taking a flight, but then changed our mind last minute since we truly love a good road trip. We thought we could use some alone time in the car, listen to music, talk about life in general and actually finish sentences while eating candy (all this without three children in the back seat, almost hard to imagine:) while seeing a little bit of Europe (Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium) through our car window. We decided to start on Thursday evening and stay in a hotel in Hamburg on the way. From there it´s a five hour drive to Brussels, which will have us arriving in perfect time for a late lunch of moule frites...

Next week I´ll show you personal snapshots from the weekend. Until then, have a great one!

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  1. Underbart! Ha det toppen! Kram Jennifer

  2. I am jealous :) In a good, "wish I was there" way, though. Your trip sounds absolutely wonderful! Have a great time and drive safely! x

  3. These pictures are gorgeous...I love how you tied it all in with the beautiful dress. Have fun and I can't wait to hear all about it when you return!

  4. Åh vad mysigt! Jag vill gärna åka dit och till Brugge :) Mer för arkitekturen än något annat... fast en och annan waffle skulle ju absolut kunna slinka ner! ;) Trevlig helg och kör försiktigt! Kram

  5. Oh la la....what a road trip ;)


    We visited Brussels in 2005 - loved it! I ate chocolate the whole time, almost ;-)

    Have a BON weekend! Looking forward to the pics xoxo

  6. Your weekend adventure sounds absolutely perfect! There is something really fun about some uninterrupted time in the car. By the way, I had some Belgian chocolates at Harrods in London and I'm still not over them!
    Enjoy every moment lovely friend!
    xx, Heather