Jun 29, 2013

BON summer weekend!

This weekend we´re hosting two dinner parties for friends visiting. Since it´s summer I like to keep it simple. 

This is what I will be serving for dessert; blueberry ice cream in an almond basket with fresh blueberries. I was happy to receive some samples of the great ice cream, and with it came a recipe book from one of the leading pastry chefs in Sweden. He recommended this almond basket, which got me back to the 90´s when I used to do this a lot. I can´t believe I haven´t done it for so many years since it´s soo good and actually rather easy to do. When the almond cookie comes out of the owen, let it rest for a minute, then you fold it around the bottom of a glass. This beautiful little basket can be filled with many things, but I like it best with ice cream, since it mixes perfectly with the almond crisp. Starting backwards, now I just have to think about what to put on the grill...

Have a fantastic weekend!