Jun 12, 2013

An ENCHANTED weekend [Brussels-Waterloo]

A classic-from-the-car-photo...
Waterloo, a cute little small town just outside Brussels city full of history
We stayed in Martin's Grand Hotel in Waterloo
The breakfast area in the hotel
We now understand what Brussels is all about. It´s good food. Everywhere.

Cakes all over the place
This must however be my own favourite shop...

I desperately wanted to take them all with me and pack the car full. But you can imagine the smell...and I am not convinced they would taste the same when back in Sweden...
Beautiful table setting for the 40th birthday lunch not ending before long after midnight...

I still haven´t recovered completely after the three day long road trip to Brussels this last weekend...It turned out we spent more time in the historic and cute little town Waterloo however, just outside the city of Brussels. My husband and I were invited to a weekend of birthday celebrations for dear Swedish friends, now living in Belgium. Since we had never been we thought it was an excellent chance to get away together without the children, and most of all, hang out with our great friends that we don´t get to see too often. One of the things I genuinely appreciate most in life is friendship, and this weekend gave us memories to cherish forever. Our friends had done such an a-ma-zing job giving all their friends such a fantastic weekend and thought every detail through. We felt spoilt rotten (and enjoyed every minute of it). One thing that we learned about Brussels is that the food is fantastic. Like one of the other guests told me; it´s almost impossible to get a bad meal in Brussels. For the Friday dinner we went to an Italian restaurant. The food was of course amazing. The temperature was 30C degrees in the evening and we just enjoyed catching up and later went dancing. The next day my husband and I went for a little sightseeing in Waterloo, stocking up on everything from French rosé wines to Belgian chocolates as well. Later that day it was time for lunch at our friends beautiful home. The food and wine were beyond words, and of course it tasted even better al fresco...Later in the evening we sat down again for dinner and more fabulous food...By now I am sure you can imagine how much we ate during this weekend...All in all, one of the best weekends ever, since it was about friends, food and fun. 

Short facts:
We went by car from Skåne via Copenhagen on Thursday evening. We took the ferry Rødby-Puttgarden. No line, just boarding. Buy the tickets online at least two weeks before, since you can buy a more inexpensive economy ticket. We missed that part this time. We then drove for two hours and stayed in a hotel in Hamburg. The other morning we woke up early well rested, had breakfast and went straight to Brussels. Which wouldn´t have taken more than five-six hours, if we hadn´t taken the wrong route...If you´re travelling by car in the Netherlands, make some extra time, since they are rebuilding the roads and it´s actually a real hustle finding the right way. The GPS didn´t have a chance, taking us back, and back again...to the wrong road. The only solution was to turn off the GPS and stop at the nearest gas station and ask for the way, you know like back in the old days... So do some proper research beforehand, so that you have the bigger picture in your head and which cities to look out for, not just trusting the GPS (like we did:), since there are heavy road constructions in many European countries. Also don´t forget the rush hour around the bigger cities. For the way home we went straight to Aachen/Cologne from Brussels, which was a much better way. We were home to a late dinner the same day. We love going on road trips, and after this little trip we can´t wait to go on another one!