May 8, 2013

Super model yoga

I am always thinking of taking up yoga, it´s a great stress relief, although I must admit I haven´t gotten around to it very often having a hard time fitting in my other exercises during the week. Being this beautiful like yoga spokesperson Christy Turlington always inspires me a little extra though...If you want to see more of Christy Turlington Burns (and yes, of course she is also married to that handsome actor Edward) and hear her talk about her important charity project "Every Mother Counts" making pregnancy and childbirth safe for all moms around the world, have a look at this short video from Yoga Journal.


  1. Samma här! Vill gärna börja yoga, men uppebarligen inte tillräckligt mycket för att köra igång! Efter bröllopet kanske? ;) Förövrigt är Christy Turlington så himla himla vacker. ALLA är vackra men hon är liksom snäppet vackrare! Kram

  2. Christy var min absoluta favoritsupermodell. Inte bara för hennes yttre skönhet utan för att hon redan då verkade ha en så sund inställning till allt och framförallt till det liv hon levde då

  3. Yoga is my favorite form of stress relief and self care (and is definitely healthier than a 2nd glass of wine;).
    I wear my yoga clothes to work in my office and have my mat all ready for when I need a stretch or a session.
    It's working well-but want to be more consistent.
    Happy Wednesday!
    xx, Heather

  4. Great photograph! She's gorgeous and very natural. Yoga is something I should be doing daily :) The mental and physical benefits are so important.


  5. She is gorgeous and such an inspiration!

  6. Jag har tagit upp yogan igen. Önskar jag kunde bli lika vacker som hon nu:) kram Nilla

  7. I would love to be into Yoga, I've tried and failed many times, it just isn't fast enough for me! However, if it meant I might look like Christy Turlington then perhaps I should give it just one more go....!

  8. I'm a yoga addict. It keeps me young, toned and limber. It also helps me keep balanced in the midst of chaos in life. And I'm more balanced physically too! I highly recommend it and I'm not a fan of exercise at all!

  9. I think taking up yoga is a very personal and intimate experience. In my case there are moment in my life when I feel the physical need for it. When it happens, everything falls into place and schedule. And when the time isn't exactly right, I go with something else.
    It's about holistic approach to life, after all. The body-mind connection. x