May 9, 2013

Snapshots of a day [COPENHAGEN]

Illum department store - handbags...

Behind this old beautiful house hides a shoe and handbag gem - Kassandras
The best flowers in Copenhagen comes from Tage Andersen. So wildly popular you have to pay entrance just to get into the store...

Typical Danish architecture in the middle of the city. And notice the bikes. All over the city.
Flowers are really inexpensive in Copenhagen. I always bring home. 
Colourful Danish brand Ilse Jacobsen from the pittoresque little town Hornbaek.

Flowers. And bikes. Everywhere. 

Apparently sandals are pretty hot this summer, according to one of Copenhagen's top fashion stores Birger Christensen. 

Birger Christensen - everything is fabulous actually

Perfect Celine covers for iPads and new wallets for the season at Birger Christensen
Birger Christensen knows their bags...
My favourite lunch restaurant for catching up with girlfriends and enjoying amazing brasserie food, at perfect shopping location
From my car window...what I love is the contrasts that are characteristic for Copenhagen; über modern houses, newly built within the last ten years, with the water surrounding the city and its' practical boat busses (yes of course I have been on them, highly recommend it) There´s always a mix in Copenhagen of the ultra modern and Danish traditional.

Today is a holiday in Sweden and we´re having friends over for a barbecue with homemade hamburgers and some chilled rosé. So while I´m busy flipping hamburgers and making guacamole I just wanted to show you some iPhone snapshots of the other day in Copenhagen. I love hanging out there. It´s just a fantastic city. 

Have a lovely Thursday!


  1. I absolutely loved this tour of Copenhagen! I need to sort myself out and plan a trip there - i am soo curious about that flower shop I must say...xx

  2. Åh, vilka underbara bilder! Jag längtar dit!!!
    Ha en skön torsdag!
    Kram Jenny

  3. Looks so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing these snaps. Just looks at that ocean of roses - gorgeous! x

    1. Härliga bilder! Det är så fint i Köpenhamn, jag önskar jag bodde närmre.

      Ha det så trevligt idag och ha en bra helg! Kram Jennifer

  4. Love these pics! Have fun with your friends! Thanks for sharing! xo,

  5. looks so pretty there! - like a whole new world

  6. Wow, this looks like a wonderful day! These pics are making me miss Europe...

  7. I adore Copenhagen! And I may have said this before....I had a life changing moment there ;)

    I love Tage A!

    Lovely pics....hope you are having a wonderful time and weekend xoxo