May 7, 2013

FOODIE | Brasserie NIMB in CPH

Brasserie dining room
No real brasserie without this favourite - Moule Marinière...
...accompanied by frites and dijon mayonnaise

Crème Brûlée - might just be one of the best desserts, ever
Cake of art

The outside terrace of this fabulous hotel adjoins Copenhagen Tivoli

This day will be spent in Copenhagen, one of my favourite cities. While I´ll be running around the city most of the day, my husband is taking me to lunch at a favourite restaurant, the NIMB Brasserie. This is actually a beautiful hotel, with several really good restaurants to it. The NIMB Brasserie is great if you crave classic brasserie food from excellent ingredients, served in a fabulous setting. I already know I will have a very hard time not ordering the Créme Brûlée...

[All images from NIMB Brasserie except the last one which is from Pinterest]