May 17, 2013

BON Party...

It´s time for theme party...
and I´m sort of taking my inspiration from the most glamorous family in Texas...
Lucy - very cute. Denim on denim it is. But no to the braids...
I´m sort of aiming for my favourite Sue Ellen's big bouncy hair...they sure knew their hair back in the 80's
This would be a dream outfit but maybe not cowboy-ish enough...
But these fierce ACNE limited edition over the knee (it´s a first:) cowboy boots will be the highlight of my own Dallas ranch girl look, along with that bouncy Sue Ellen hair...
Have a great weekend, folks!

This weekend we´re invited to a big birthday bash by dear friends, taking place at a restaurant in gorgeous summer setting in Stockholm. That would leave it to a great and rather normal party, only the hosts of this party didn´t think that was enough and required a wild western costume theme from their guests... Not a very frequent theme in my wardrobe... I had no costume inspiration at all, staring at the invitation. Until last minute when I remembered that there was a certain Texas family to take notes from...I mean who better to copy big bouncy hair from than Sue Ellen? And luckily my über fashionista friend had these beautiful veery long cowboy boots to add to my outfit. So hot rollers for the hair and a lot of Elnett hairspray extra strong (absolutely the best hairspray on the market) and some denim on denim. And, while I´m prepping my hair, later feeling slightly out of place in my borrowed boots, probably having a blast, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sounds like great fun. Great theme actually have a lovely weekend x

  2. Ha! What a great theme! When I was little my friend Laura used to dress up as Sue Ellen and I was always Pamela. She would spend her whole time swigging from a glass and then pretending to slap me in the face! We loved that game. Strangely!

  3. Oh, I loved Dallas ;-) Have FUN sounds like a great weekend.
    Catherine xx

  4. O, how fun!! Great inspiration from Dallas....I love the theme too ;)

    Have a BON and fab weekend xoxo