Apr 24, 2013

Handbag CRUSH


Shoe or handbag girl? I love shoes, but I am a true handbag girl at heart and soul. I can´t help it, but I actually fall in love with handbags. This is my latest crush, and a rather big one. It´s the extremely popular Boston tote from C√ČLINE in a new updated version. It´s not that I haven´t thought about it before, but I guess I had to see it in the Summer 2013 colour Pearl Grey to be struck by lightning. Unfortunately (or maybe this is good news:), this is not an easy colour to find, so I guess I will keep on daydreaming...but it would have been awfully nice...

[Images via celine.com and Pinterest]


  1. I love that bag! I dream about it! I love it in every colour... Sigh! Anyway Givenchy Antigona Bag is also high on my list ;)


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  3. Hi Caroline
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