Apr 7, 2013

[FAB HOTEL] Classic rooms with a modern twist

Recently the beautiful Grand Hôtel in Stockholm had 19 rooms redesigned and launched. The Grand Hôtel already being one of my favourite hotels in the world, did not disappoint this time either. This is a more colourful approach to some of the more neutral coloured rooms [you can check out these rooms from my girlfriends weekend here] called "eclectic style", by interior decorator Sanna Nathanson, being typical from 1874 when the hotel was originally built. I guess you could say that the style is classic but the twist is modern and lies in the details. And since we´re at this hotel, did you know they have a Bath Butler and a Fragrance Butler? How convenient is that? For me, being a bather, it would be perfect to choose from Refresh, Romance or Unwind (would definitely go for the last one). I must come up with a reason to check myself in again pronto...

Have a lazy Sunday!

[Press photos from Grand Hôtel]