Apr 19, 2013

BON Weekend! [PINK wine testing]

What are you up to this weekend? We´re hosting a wine tasting dinner. We are ten friends that take turns arranging wine tastings among us, usually one or two times a year. Tonight it is time for me and my husband. We have done this in our little group several times by now, and we´ve tried red or white wine every time. So this time, being a start for the spring and summer season, we decided to try out rosé wines. Our wine tasting is always a blind test with protocols, and usually takes part before or during the starter course. After that you can choose to continue with the wines you gave the highest marks. We´re no wine snobs, so there´s no spitting out the wine:) The rules for our wine tastings are that the hosting couple fix all the wines and the main course. Two couples then team up for bringing either starters or dessert that they have prepared together. This is great since it takes a lot of the pressure off when you can skip making two courses as hostess, and it is also fun as a guest to be involved in one of the courses. And to stick to the theme, the evening will start with some pink bubbles...

Have a sparkling WEEKEND!