Apr 26, 2013

Because girls just want to have fun [she grew up though]

We´ve loved her from Girls just want to have fun (that´s all they really want:)...
...to our very own Carrie Bradshaw from SATC.
Welcome home to SJP and husband Matthew Broderick (remember the hilarious Ferris Bueller?)
Soft spoken colours
Very city clean Boffi kitchen
Bathing in style 
Loving this magazine display, hmm...which one to choose of all the latest issues...
Ultimate luxury in NYC, your own green slice of heaven
Apparently Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick are owning two houses in Greenwich Village in New York, and this one is for sale (or has been sold) according to hookedonhouses.net. Since we love Carrie (and I still miss SATC the series) we can at least indulge a little in her home. And that little green patio in the middle of the city...


[Thanks for loan of images from hookedonhouses.net]


  1. I adore that magazine display! I think it is a great way of displaying coffeetable books instead of stacking them up as they are normally so beautiful and decorative. Have a great weekend xx

  2. A beautiful home and a stunning hall in such lovely muted shades. The outdoor space is cute too - a relaxing oasis.

  3. Åh! Ett hem to die for!!!
    Och jag lovar att jag inte skall shoppa på Newark. Flyger via JFK men tror att jag gör den mesta shoppingen i New York. Känns mysigare! Om jag missar något så kan jag köpa det sista på flygplatsen när vi skall hem. Kram

  4. Such a beautiful place... I love the deco and colours very much. Also, adore the way they fitted the carpet on the stairs and then made it go around the corner and into the room. So beautifully done!

  5. Oh I love me some SATC-even in reruns. This is a fun little glimpse into SJP's life in Manhattan. The last time my husband and I were in NYC we took the Sex and the city tour. It was a blast!
    Bon Weekend! ;)
    xx, Heather

  6. Lovely, I love it. From Monica, Oslo

  7. OMG - yes, please. I take it all. As is. With SJP included I hope ;)

    Have a lovely weekend! Sun is shining in Connecticut and breakfast is outside. Fab!


  8. Her home is amazing. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos!