Apr 5, 2013

Beauty advices [by Swedish celebrities]

During Stockholm Fashion week Swedish celebrities were asked about their best beauty advices by Glossy Box Magazine, that came in the mail the other day along with my ordered box of products. It´s noteworthy that the women here trust in good makeup and skincare, but also not being too good and hard on themselves. I think they have a point, having fun could definitely make up for lost sleep sometimes, and a good attitude to life is worth cultivating (along with some makeup...).

Efva Attling, the gorgeous and talented jewellery designer with her own stores even on Manhattan, making pieces for Madonna while being married to the great singer/songwriter Eva Dahlgren says;
- I drink too little water and too much whiskey...so I say love! That is my best beauty advice!

Sweden's freshest Hollywood export, the young and beautiful Alicia Vikander, says;
- Rest and rehydrating the skin. I always use a thick moisturizer in the evenings, so that I wake up nice! I always use Vitalumière Aqua Foundation from Chanel which is extremely sheer and rehydrating. 

Emilia de Poret, singer, says;
- Feel really good! Don´t bother about sleep and that crap, just live life and have fun! My best makeup for the day is my favourite mascara "Clump Defy" from Max Factor, "Eight Hour Cream" on the lips and a lot of eye pencil. 

Martina Bonnier, editor-in-chief at Damernas Värld says;
- Read carefully on the products so that you know how to use them for the best effect. I test products all the time, but always tend to go back to the high quality products. Yves Saint Laurent skincare series "Forever" is really good. 

Filippa Reinfeldt, ex-wife to Swedish Prime Minister;
-I´m crazy about BB cremes, especially "Nude Magique" from LÓreal Paris and in my purse there´s always "Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector" from Clarins, it´s really good. 


[Photo from Pinterest via faseeon.com]