Apr 16, 2013

An afternoon at Gemma's

Behind the little white modest door of this beautiful house hides a personal shopping gem called "Gemma"...
Meet Karoline, the lovely owner of "Gemma"
Loving this bracelet and earrings

One can never have too many accessories...
Karoline giving a piece of fashion advice
This belt is stunning, e.g combined with a white dress
Karoline is expecting her third child (still looking fabulous wearing high heels:)
Cappuccino during shopping served in beautiful Royal Copenhagen cups

Love this colour for summer (needs a hint of tan though:)

Perfect classic little white dress with a twist

Danish brand Ganni makes lovely golden pieces this season

Karoline's home on the cover of the Swedish interior magazine Residence
The family dining room

Karoline's home office

Karoline with husband Matias photographed for Residence
Who doesn´t like a good road trip? Last Friday it was about time for a road trip together with a friend of mine. Our destination was her friends' shop called "Gemma", located in idyllic settings outside Helsingborg. I first found out about "Gemma" after reading an at-home-story in glossy interior magazine Residence. A couple of months later my friend told me she knew the owner of the store and was planning to visit. Of course I tagged along. This was definitely worth the drive. Gemma is founded by the beautiful Karoline Concha Ramhult, after many years in the fashion business. The clothes and accessories are hand-picked from several different brands, some of them Danish, which I really fancy. Karoline herself couldn´t be more sweet and professional, giving a helping hand and having an eye for what suits every customer, making this a super pleasant shopping experience. "Gemma" is located in the basement of Karolines beautiful home that she shares with her professional football player husband and three kids, and one more on the way...Gemma is opened every Friday 11-18 and by appointments every other day. If you want a fabulous shopping experience nothing like the mall, more like a personal shopper in a beautiful milieu, this one is for you. (And if you don´t live nearby, Gemma's web shop is launching soon...) All in all a wonderful road trip. 

[All photos by IOB on location and photographed from Residence Magazine]


  1. What a beautiful boutique! I love the feel of it and absolutely in love with the accessories! x

  2. Lovely boutique...
    I'm with you on accessories
    I can never have enough of them
    especially bracelets and necklaces.

    Sure I'd love for us to follow each other.
    I'm now your newest follower via GFC.
    Pls do follow back.
    Thanks for your visit.

  3. I'm delighted by this. Great stuff and amazing shopping experience! Cheers to smart and inspiring business women! Xo,

  4. Vilket ställe. Det måste jag besöka. Hm. Helsingborg. Inte direkt på vägen ......
    Köpte du något?

  5. amazing! from the outside to the interior everything is awesome!
    wish you a sunny happy week

  6. Gemma looks amazing. Full of so many beautiful items.


  7. Found you with my guest post with Miss b Now a follower
    This place looks wonderful I could go very crazy in here for sure What a sweet little place I so miss that in my hometown as we do not have many places like this. Looking forward to more of your posts!!

  8. This little road trip to Gemma's looks simply divine. Love the chic stye in the simple but luxurious surroundings. What a perfect afternoon. Thanks for sharing a peek!

  9. I want to visit the place and shop. Everything is perfect for me ♥♥