Apr 14, 2013

Al fresco among the sky scrapes

Dining al fresco among the sky scrapes...yes please.

Living room with a lot of light and windows

Calm bedroom, close to the window and view

I constantly find myself dreaming of a rooftop apartment in New York City...I think it´s the idea of dining al fresco among the sky scrapes, being in the centre of the pulse but still sort of invisible up there, that is so intriguing. This calm and serene penthouse belongs to antique dealer Angus Wilkie and architectural designer Len Morgan, located on Manhattan's Upper East Side. They recently renovated the "small but stylish" space and you can see more photos from it in the latest Architectural Digest edition. I´ll keep on dreaming about that terrace with all its beautiful boxwood...

[Images with permission from Architectural Digest.  Joshua McHugh]