Mar 25, 2013

The Monday Pep Talk - "The best advice"

Even wildly successful entrepreneurs and executives need good advices. These are the best business advices these people ever received, as told to Business Insider, where you can read several more of the advices. Here are my favourites;

"My mother always taught me never to look back in regret but to move on to the next thing. The amount of time people waste dwelling on failures rather than putting that energy into another project, always amazes me. I have fun running ALL the Virgin businesses — so a setback is never a bad experience, just a learning curve." Richard Branson

"When I started my company, many people said I shouldn't launch it as a retail concept because it was too big a risk.They told me to launch as a wholesaler to test the waters — because that was the traditional way. But Glen Senk, [then] CEO of Urban Outfitters and a mentor of mine ... told me to follow my instincts and take the riskI wanted to create a new way of looking at retail." 
Tory Burch

"I’m going to give you some important advice. You’re a terrific merchant. But you’ve gotta learn to listen!” Maureen Chiquet, global CEO of CHANEL

"First, it's good to solicit your people's opinions before you give them yours. And second, your people will be very influenced by how you carry yourself under stress." 
Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman & CEO Goldman Sachs

"You’re not going to do this forever. There’s a finite amount of time you’re going to be doing this. Do this really, really well. And if you do this really, really well, everybody will see that, and they’ll move you onto the next thing. And you do that well, and then you’ll move." 
Terry J Lundgren CEO Macy's

HAPPY Monday!

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