Mar 6, 2013

Life taught me...about comparing

This must be one of the worlds most common "mistakes", constantly comparing ourselves with other people, directly affecting our happiness. This isn´t exactly helped by Facebook, blogs and other social media being so accessible and making it easy to fall into the comparing. Are you aware of if you do it? I wasn´t aware at all some years ago. It not only hit me that I did compare myself (most people do it more or less), at work for example. I also wasn´t aware of that I compared myself, me being one single person, to many persons actions and achievements and putting them together, comparing myself with. You can imagine it´s totally impossible to keep up. Today I can laugh at this and know when to stop myself from comparing. Such a relief. Life also taught me that what looks great on the outside could be turbulent on the inside, even in lives that seems fabulous and perfect on paper. Every person has their own stuff to deal with. "Most of us have areas of insecurity in our lives. We look at people around us and they seem to function so well, be so confident. However, we only see other people's behaviour and rarely have access to their internal workings. This means you end up comparing your inside, with all your feelings and fear, to other people's exterior, says Miriam Chachamu, author of "How to calm a challenging child" to Red Magazine. What about you? We all love to hear you thoughts!

Let´s use the happiness formula instead. Stop comparing yourself and be the star in your own life!

(Image from Pinterest via Google edited by IOB)


  1. Darling, spot on! It took me, if not 40, so at least 35 years to figure this one out. Finally peace at heart ;)
    But it is truly the hardest, and every now and then I have to remind myself...or you do it for me.
    BIG HUG from la France

  2. You are right, there is no point comparing- a lot of time wasted as you say people deal with their own things. But it worried me when people compare their life to the karma shins...

  3. Ett av mina big issues. Tycker alla andra är så mkt snyggare, smartare, roligare i jämförelse med mig. Idiotiskt att förminska sig själv på det sättet

  4. This is something I have to continuously remind myself not to do. It is so easy for me to get caught up comparing myself to others and seeing myself as a failure because I am not to exactly where I want to be in life.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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  5. love this post!
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    I hope to hear from you soon!

  6. It took me awhile to get here...but I can now stop myself when I begin to do it...progress!!
    Great be the star in your own life...perfect ;-)

  7. best advice - it's so hard to do so - but best thing 1 can ever do for ones self!

  8. Thanks for sharing these very real thoughts. I just remind myself I'm not in a race with anyone except myself. And if my goal is to be happy I will do the best I can and that will be good enought. There's enough room for success and happines for everyone!

  9. Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate to hear your wise thoughts in this common but important question. Love Caroline