Mar 29, 2013

Escape to MALLORCA

Meet my beautiful sister-in-law, Jessica. She runs her own company importing cashmere and accessories, and since this has been an endlessly long winter (for the rest of us) I cannot tell you how wrapped up I have been in my beautiful cashmere poncho from her...Head over to her shop to see more of these high quality cashmeres, since they´re also perfect for al fresco dining in the summer when it begins to chill up during evenings...A few years ago Jessica and her family decided to leave the rest of us behind in Sweden for setting up a new home and making a daily life on Mallorca. You could say they actually did what many of us dream and only talk about. So based on that I asked Jessica to tell us a little more about her beautiful life on Mallorca.

Jessica, how did you end up on Mallorca
My husband had wanted us to move abroad for some time and in the end I too realised it would be an exciting adventure for our family. Sunshine was one important factor on deciding where to go. My parents have had a second home in Marbella since the 80´s and we have spent many of our holidays there, so that seemed like the place to go to. We rented a house for three weeks over christmas to check everything. I panicked a little when we found out that the schooling set up was not perfect for us. I had heard there was another Swedish school (larger than the one in Marbella) on Mallorca. So, after research, off we went to Mallorca, to view houses and visit the school there. We ended up buying a house there and then!

What is a typical day in your life? 
The alarm buzzes at 07.15. Time to get up, wake up our three children, organize breakfast. All three, Mimmi 13, Claes, 10 and Nikki 3 years go to the same school, which makes everything so much easier, since I drive them there. I always come to school dressed in my training gear, because that is next on my agenda. Three days a week I work out with a trainer here and three days a week I doo hiking. Excercise is a priority and a luxury for me. When I come back home, after dropping off kids and training, my work starts. Since I am alone, with my own business I am not really dependent on anyone or any time. All I need is my computer. Twice a week, at my children's school, I have Spanish classes before picking up the children. I did not speak Spanish prior to moving here, but I do enjoy learning a new language. The Swedish school ends at 4 pm, so after that we go home and prepare dinner. My son plays soccer for a Spanish Club three days a week and tennis once a week and Mimmi has horse riding once a week. So, yes busy days. And here one needs to drive the children to everything...

What is most different living in Mallorca from Sweden?
The weather is very different. We have so much more light and sunshine here and I think it makes people a lot happier and easy going. People here (even the Swedes) are so much more relaxed. We have a higher quality of life here compared to ours in Sweden. But, of course, in a way, we miss Sweden too, especially family and friends. Therefore we always spend two months over the summer in Sweden. With my business, I can work in Sweden just as well as in Spain. For those summer months we rent out our house in Mallorca. More info at Villa Son Mar.

What is the best part of living there?
Life here feels more luxurious! In many different ways. I love being outdoors. We have two dogs.
My training, three times a week, is always in the Castell Bellver park (it is close to the childrens school), from up there is a beautiful view over the city of Palma. Doing situps, outside, watching a clear blue sky or pushups against an old wall looking over the beautiful cathedral of Palma is amazing. 
Hiking is something I have discovered since moving here. I just love it. Mallorca is a very good place to go to for hiking. I especially love going with my dogs. We do go out more here. Lunches outside in the sun, most of the year around, feels very luxurious. I also think we are more tight as a family living here. We spend more time together and do more things together. Here are still, after six years, new things and places to see and discover.

Give us your five best Mallorca tips, please!
1. Discover hiking.
2. Visit the beautiful beaches.
3. See Palma.
4. I love Puerto Portals, it is a port close to where we live.
5. Drive around and see the island, it has so much to offer.

What is your business about?
My business is about earning a living, having freedom to work when I want, selling things I love!
It is not about selling huge quantities, but rather buying from the source selling to end consumer directly.

What have been the hardest and easiest parts of running your own business?
It was quite easy to start up. I did not need a huge sum of money. I actually started with putting in 
10 000 SEK. I made a logo and the web page myself. I previously worked with marketing and media. The difficult part is taking it to next level. I have so many ideas! Being on your own is what makes it easy to run but also very difficult. Sometimes I miss input from someone else. With three children and a husband who works a lot, I lead a busy life. I sometimes feel I need to work more...