Mar 7, 2013

For the love of Chloé

A favourite fashion brand is French Chloé. Their London flagship store on Sloane street always results in total acquisitiveness...I just love the soft colours, the fabrics and the elegant but casual dresses and tops paired with the models long, shiny hair, always parted in the middle. Sophisticated 70´s at its best. Since spring is around the corner, and what celebrates spring more than a pair of new sunglasses, I ordered myself these Chloé sunglasses in the colour "Mink" the other day. This season is for soft coloured or translucent frames according to many fashion editors, which I think look rather soft and flattering to the face. Now I just have to wait another day or two for them to arrive, and let the spring begin...

(Images from Pinterest via 1  2  3-4 pinterest 


  1. i have a few pair of Chloe sunglasses - even tho one's pictured - i LOVE chloe - does she ever do wrong? - ps u'll LOVE ur shades!

  2. Love Chloé ! That pair of sunnies is very beautiful, I am a sunglasses lover and it's totally something I would buy, too !

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  3. The white dresses are so pretty and feminine and I love the soft colour of your sunglasses. Great shape too.

  4. Oh how I love Chloe...the last white dress is stunning!!

  5. Such gorgeous dresses. Chloe is so soft and feminine. I have a couple tops and a purse by Chloe and I have the glasses too:) (in black). You will love them!