Mar 3, 2013

CPH Lifestyle

Tried them all

The perfect furniture for entertaining many kids in the garden
The big fair hall in the old brewery
Gourmet sausages
Champagne is always right

So many great olive oils and vinegars, and got to taste them all
Lovely hand cream made of olive oil
A lovely new take on outdoors furniture
Loved this set of outdoor dining furniture 
Danish designed city bike
The best of Danish chocolates and marzipan
Soon Easter, by Summerbird
Luxury handmade chocolate, marzipan and whipped cream in different flavours. A great idea for dinner parties when you don´t have the time to make dessert... 
Last weekend it was time for Copenhagen Lifestyle, a "luxury lifestyle event" taking place in the old Carlsberg beer brewery. I came home with a lot of olive oils, chocolate, easter eggs and new thoughts on furniture for the outdoor patio...


  1. Good morning from Calgary... Snowing today(:
    Gosh that city bike is a dream...and all those goodies.... What a fun place to be!! Ciao z

  2. These photos look amazing. I definitely wouldn't mind spending some time there. Those homemade chocolates = Yummy.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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  3. Oh Caroline.. this looks wonderful! Those chocolates and oils.. yum! Sounds like you got lots of goodies:) I would have bought the same things ~ love all the chocolate! Thanks for stopping by. I've been so busy trying to work out all the technical glitches and manage my real life job.. I apologize for missing some of your posts. I try so hard to visit at least ounce or twice a week.

    Happy Sunday!

  4. OMG! I live in Italy but I've never seen so many goodies!!!

  5. What a beautiful selection of pics! I am glad to hear you had a great time! :) Muah!