Feb 27, 2013

FAB INTERIORS | Season two, pronto please!

The cast
Interior by Jeffrey Alan Marks

I am officially obsessed with this show. Season 1 ended the other night here in Sweden and I can´t wait until next season. This show not only features extremely high-profile decorators with celebrity clients, it also gives you a great look on the interiors, and how the decorators work from an idea to a finished room or a whole house. While waiting for season 2 I am seriously thinking of buying some of the casts coffee table books to be inspired from...


  1. I love love love that show!!! I can not wait for season two either - I hope they show in UK - I saw it in the States two years ago.

    They are sooo entertaining aren't they?

    Funny enough - I don't have a favourite in this show bc they all crack me up! x

  2. They are all crazy but also sooo Talented!
    xo Karolyn

  3. Clearly another reason you are my Swedish Soul Sister! I absolutely adore this show. The designs are, mostly, amazing and the quirky characters come through. I would love to attend a dinner party with this group. Fab!!
    xx, Heather (ps-I'm in the coffee table book collecting mode myself-Started with Kelly Wearstler ;)

  4. I loveee all the decorating ideas in this show. it's like, interior decoration porn. ahhh if only I have unlimited budget for my house!!

  5. Totalt missat! Och jag som är galen i pop culture ;-)
    Måste genast ta igen.

  6. jag kollar aldrig på TV så jag missade ju den:( får ladda hem den istället:)

    Ha en skön dag Caroline

    LOVE M

  7. Den har jag missat, kan man ladda ned den tro?
    Kram Nilla

  8. I have totally missed this show, I have to check it up asap!!


  9. I know I would enjoy this! I hope it is eventually shown in the UK.