Feb 22, 2013

BON Weekend [with cheese, again...]

Perfect little rosemary crackers for the cheese - recipe here
This weekend we are invited to a dinner party with friends. The hosts used to live in London for many years. This brought me to think of the latest trip me and my husband took to London. One of the things we really enjoyed was following Gwyneth Paltrows' recommendation in GOOP and visit La Fromageri in Marylebone Street. (If it´s good enough for Gwynnie it must be good we thought:) As huge cheese lovers, we were not disappointed. This place is a world of its own in the busy city. The minute you enter you wonder if you made it to a posh country shop in the Costwolds. You can buy almost any cheese along with all other necessities you can imagine. The good thing is that you can order plates of cheese and sit down and have some red wine to it, of course specially chosen by their sommelier to complement the cheeses you choose. We loved the place. For tonights staying in I will try to recreate some of it. If you like a creamy cheese I can highly recommend Brillat Savarin which is on top of my list right now. Or actually has been for the lasts years...There are some brand variations of this particular cheese so taste it over the counter to make sure it tastes really creamy and simply delicious. I will also bring out my domestic goddess and try to make these "easy rosemary crackers" to accompany the cheeses...

Bon appétit!

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  1. Darling, jag bara ler. Savarin är favorit här med! Annars är det ju såklart Gruyère som är en självklarhet här, gärna extrasaltad. Och så tryffelbrie, som är typ helt gaaalet god! Eller Pecorino/Manchego...eller en Tomme (fransk bondost, simpel men god).
    Ha en UNDERBAR helg!
    KRAM från Frankrike

  2. Thank you for the recommendation - I love cheese, too and this place looks amazing!
    Have a fab weekend!

  3. Vilka underbara bilder! Jag är inte någon riktig ost-människa, gillar mer sött :), men nog är det gott med ost ibland med ett glas rött till.

    Önskar dig en riktigt härlig helg! Kram Jennifer

  4. Thanks for the tip! Have a nice weekend! (If it has cheese on it, it will be good for sure ;)


  5. I LOVE this shop...their cakes are delicious too ;-)
    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. I want to join you!

    Love cheese, love London, love Gwynnie ;)

    BON weekend to you my dear!


  7. Okay thats it, I am hopping a plane and coming to snack with you! Yummo!
    xo Karolyn

  8. I'm a huge cheese fan so thanks for the recommendation and I imagine the rosemary crackers go so well with different cheese.