Jan 28, 2013

The Monday Peptalk - HOW TO stay creative

Loving this list on how to stay creative. My faves are; get away from the computer, quit beating yourself up, go somewhere new and stop trying to be someone else's perfect. And have fun, count your blessings and finish something (that always feels good). 
Which ones are your faves on a Monday like this? 

HAPPY Monday!

(Image from Pinterest via kvinnan.blogspot.dk)


  1. Det är så härligt att få sitta med min kaffekopp och läsa dina måndags peptalk.
    Den här listan var ju underbar, den ska jag skriva ut och rama in tror jag :-).

    Mina favoritpunkter är nog de samma som dina och även "allow yourself to make mistakes" och "do more of what makes you happy".

    Tack för härlig läsning! Ha en fin dag. Kram Jennifer

  2. Älskar listor! Keeps me going ;)

  3. Ok - so this is getting a little scary... I have this list on my ipad!!! But I still reread it ;)

  4. I feel creative whenever I look at something beautiful, listen to some great music, read a good book or travel. Those kinds of things.. :)

  5. Kul att du har listan som Monday Peptalk! Love it! Stjärnorna gynnar from onsdag alla former av planer och creative planning- bara att sätta igång! Nu kommer det bli fart tack vare turplaneten Jupiter. Äntligen! Veckans horoskop är uppe nu! ;-)
    Kramar Helena

  6. *love them all* - and i think i do most of them daily - for real! .. that's a good thing, no?

  7. I've seen this on pinterest and love it!! So motivating!

  8. I need a reminder -- just like this list!


    I like them all, but if I were to pick, my favorites would be:
    Collaborate (because it is so powerful and inspiring)
    Get away from the computer (say no more)
    Take risks (leaving your comfort zone can open up so many exciting opportunities)
    Allow yourself to make mistakes (it can be the kick you needed)
    Do more of what makes you happy (and motivation and success will follow)

    Have I told you I love your Monday pep talk?


  9. Gosh I try to live my life like that but sometimes I just want to crawl into bed and do nothing too! I guess that would be number 7!