Jan 7, 2013

The Monday Peptalk - 4 Steps to make things happen

Happy new 2013! Let´s make this a fresh start and a year that really serves us. Whatever our intentions are, we need a plan. I think this is a great list. Maybe the most important thing is to set realistic goals though, and goals that actually inspire us. Otherwise there will be a hard time achieving them. Start by asking yourself first, what inspires me? This year I will spend some extra time thinking of what really inspires me. You know that feeling that sort of beats everything else? You know you´re on the right track then. Start collecting those little moments. It takes time and effort to find out what that true inspiration is, weather it´s for work or personal life. But this year, shall we make the effort finding it? 

Once you have an idea in mind, these are four important steps to start making things happen, according to the pro Denise Scarbro:

1. Identify Your Goals. To identify what specific goals make sense for you, begin first by writing down what specific things you want in your life. How much money do you want to earn? Do you want to lose a certain number of pounds?  To take a vacation? Maybe you just want to pay off your debt? Decide what you want, and set your goals.
2. Be Inspired. In order for a goal to hold our attention, it must inspire us. Once you have determined what you want, practice feeling what it will be like when you achieve your goal. Attaching a feeling to a goal makes it real. Now, mentally rehearse the feelings you will have once you achieve it. Is it joy? Happiness? Relief? Pride? We need to shed the limitations we have unconsciously have set for ourselves by changing the way we think about ourselves and what we can accomplish and always believe that you are confident, capable and worthy.
3. Have No Fear. Sometimes we are afraid to set goals because we are afraid of disappointment or failure. Failure is just an opportunity to redefine our goals. We need to be able to adapt, redefine, and restructure our goals when appropriate.
4. Break It Down. Write your goal down and make a box around it. Now ask yourself, "What needs to happen to make this happen?" Once you have determined what needs to happen, create a new row of boxes underneath the box with your goal, and write down all the action steps necessary. Now, what needs to happen to make that next level of boxes happen? Continue to break down all of the action steps necessary in as many rows as you need. Once you have broken down the action plan to the lowest level, you know exactly where to start and exactly what needs to happen! You have created "mini goals" to help you reach your main goal.

{Text source http://www.huffingtonpost.com/denise-scarbro
Image from Pinterest via sueswink.tumblr.com}