Jan 25, 2013

BON Weekend!

Great jewellery storage in the right colour...
Maybe a bit heavy but cool...

Yes please, all of them...
You can never go wrong with nude...
Great combo
I have my eyes set on these perfect-for-party-earrings
by Pat's among other things tonight...
Treasure your girlfriends

Don´t we all love Fridays! What are your plans this weekend? I am going to a jewellery sale at a girlfriends house tonight. There will be a lot of gorgeous accessories and jewellery, bubbles and wine and a huge bunch of girlfriends to catch up with. A wonderful start to the weekend. I totally love jewellery and accessories, since they can hot up any simple outfit anytime and even boost your mood, so choose carefully every day and let it be joyful!

Have a wonderful WEEKEND!

(Images from Pinterest via 1 Pinterest 2 gliha.blogs.com 3 reasonstobreathe.tumblr.com 4-5 pinterest 


  1. What a great plan for a Friday night! Have fun, and enjoy the rest of the weekend! xo,

  2. Vilken bra start på helgen! Och smycken är ju så underbart!
    Kram på dig!

  3. I wouldn't mind jewellery shopping either, but here it's a long drive, walks in a coutry, tv and books or at least, that's what we are planning at the moment.
    Have a great weekend! x

  4. Sounds like fun...I love jewellery and accessories too...I'm sure you won't come away without a little purchase ;-)
    Looking forward to a lovely, lazy weekend and supper with friends...perfect!
    Enjoy ;-)

  5. Men vilken fantastisk kväll det låter som. Det är roligt med smycken, men jag är lite tråkig, jag vill bara ha silver :-).

    Ha nu en riktigt skojig kväll och en skön helg! Många kramar Jennifer

  6. it's gonna be a FREEZING weekend - so i'm most likely staying IN and reorganizing and decorating :o)

  7. Jag skulle kunna tänka mig precis allt vad du visar upp i dag. Kanske inte det stora guldiga. Ensamt i sådana fall. Åh jag älskar också smycken, men har sällan anledning att pynta mig med sånt. Ha en härlig helg.

  8. Have so much fun!!! I have so much jewelry and I'm in desperate need of some new storage options. It's part of the redecorating plan :)

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  9. love the arm candy photos! big bracelets are so fun! Have a great weekend!

    love from San Francisco,

  10. What a great way to spend the evening....bubbles, friends and jewellery and you are right you can't go wrong with nude shades.

  11. love that arm candy photo!!!!! also love the tiffany color for jewel storage or any home accents- that color always ads a little bit of luxe . xO!

  12. Hej
    Hittade précis hit, vilken underbar och inspirerade blogg :) Härligt att hitta nya sidor man faller för :)

    Ha en riktigt fin helg!


  13. Blev det något inköp av smycken? Själv är jag en armbands person! :)

  14. Btw... Har du sett Valentino - The last emperor på netflix? Hur bra som helst! Kram

  15. never go wrong with nude, så bra, jag köpte ett nagellack i den färgen idag. Så roligt party , hoppas du hittade något snyggt! kram Nilla

  16. I just love your images and the eye candy of your post. Sounds like you have a fabulous weekend planned. Girlfriend time is so energizing. Have a ball.
    So happy we have connected in blog world my lovely friend. Stylemindchic just turned one so I'm celebrating my friends! Cheers to you, xx Heather

  17. Sååå mycket fint! Hoppas att du har en underbar helg! Kram