Jan 23, 2013

Best of beauty according to Swedish women

The favourite Swedish fashion magazine Damernas Värld recently got their readers to vote for their favourite beauty products, and I found several of my own beauty staples here. Do you find any of your favourites here?

Best of...

Face creams Clarins Beauty flash balm

Cleaning Dermalogica Daily microfoliant
Love this, definitely the best face scrub I have ever tested. It´s addictive. 

Body care The Body Shop Body butter olive
Discovered this thick body butter during pregnancy. 

Foundation Bare Minerals foundation
Good, but too dry for me being 40 years...

Nail care Seche Vite Dry fast top coat
Super fast and a very special product not like any of its competitors. Apply it when the last layer of nail colour still is wet to sort of seal the colour in.

Concealer Yves Saint Laurent Touche éclat
It feels like this is an all time winner in every contest. Although I must say, there are some big competitors on the market today that I rather prefer. 

Hair care Moroccan Original treatment 
Had this one for years. According to my hairdresser it reduces the dry blowing time with half when applied in damp hair. 

Mascara Lancôme Hypnôse mascara
Still haven´t tried Lancômes' mascaras, but heard over and over again that they´re the best. On my list. 

Lip care Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream skin protectant
Still love this. Even gotten to like the smell...

(Image via Pinterest from so-much-more-than-nl.blogspot.com)


  1. Clarins beauty flash är given.
    Jag är urusel på facewash. Du vill inte veta.
    Jag använder barnängens tvål
    Mortoccan oil luktar så jag får migrän tyvärr
    Ysl concealer funkar inte på mig. Ingen concealer funkar på mig
    Mascara - återkommer alltid till lancome men har estee lauder nu som jag gillar
    Bare minerals funkar inte heller på min torra ålderdomliga hud

    Jg brukar bli.lite inspirerad av det där DV numret, men vi är lite tråkigt konservativa. Samma produkter år efter år

  2. Jomen visst - Butter olive från Bodyshop gillar jag. Använder alltid YSL Touche éclat, Moroccoan oil och har alltid en tub Eight Arden créme till hands för diverse saker (ej bara läppar...)
    Kram Jannike

  3. :) What can I say? I recognised all of the names/brands because many are very popular here, too. Having said that, I don't use any of them. :)

  4. I just replenished my stock of Clarins this weekend funny enough - it is just one of those things I use when I need a lift.

    Touche eclat - to be honest - I now go with Terry - she is the one who invented it anyway!!!

    You have to use Lancome mascara - it is the best!!! I wear lenses and it is the only one that doesn't smudge.

    I love knowing what is popular in each country - great post x

  5. Sweetie,
    Använder alla utom Dermalogica och Bare minerals foundation (fast är det pulver-foundation så yes)...Clarinskrämen köpte jag urbilligt i planet när jag flög sist (hihi)och Body butter i oliv är bäst, men köper jag bara lite då & då. Men Marroccan oil!!! My god så bra för mitt stackars torra hår. Men, jag behöver experthjälp med body lotion och scrub då jag är torr som en krokodil här i alpluften, värre än vanligt....
    KRAM Sofia

  6. I use quite a few of these and some are my all time favourites like the Beauty Flash Balm and the Eight Hour Cream. I used to have YSL Touche Eclat but now prefer the Clinique air brush concealer. Great post and interesting to see what is popular in other countries.

  7. so funny - i'm doing a 'facial' product 'love' list - i just created the post today - i LOVE knowing what other people love!

  8. EXACTLY what I needed. All tips saved ;)

    Thanks so much for giving me your feedback on my new proposed headers!!


  9. OMG!!!! These are such fab suggestions! I always love hearing about other people's favorite products. And yours, because you have such a fab blog! YAY! I just discovered the best hand cream from Body shop. It's the rose hand cream with the rose hip and brazil nut in it... sooo awesome to keep in your purse!

    Big hug
    xxo Beckerman sistas

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