Dec 19, 2012

Words of wisdom for celebrations

This season is about celebration. Who doesn´t love to celebrate? Sometimes it´s good though to remind ourselves why we celebrate and to really enjoy it. These wise words about life's celebrations are from the great book "Love yourself - Live your spirit" by Sonia Choquette. I especially love the last sentence, since I didn´t use to see it that way, but it´s oh so true. Be kind to yourself, and be your own best friend. 

"You don´t need an excuse to celebrate. To love yourself and all of life's abundance and blessings is reason enough. Life is a beautiful gift, and every day brings with it so much cause to celebrate that it´s simply time you do. Don´t wait to be invited to life's party. Be the party yourself. Start by celebrating the little things. Rejoice in good days because you accomplished positive things. Celebrate difficult days because you got through them."

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