Dec 4, 2012

The perfect mini break

Jewellery and accessory designer Hanne of Strawberry Sky
prepping for the evening...

Bedroom after girlfriends moving in...
Maybe this was our ultimate luxury?
Back from dinner downstairs, now in bathrobes, watching "SATC the movie"
which surprisingly was shown on TV that night.
Total bliss.
If Friday was going out for dinner and drinks, Saturday meant checking in at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm for some real quality time. It´s one of my all time favourites, and since we were celebrating the big 40 we thought this was the time and occasion for Grand Hotel. Being a born and bread Stockholmer I think it´s a little piece of Stockholm magic.You notice it the minute you enter those revolving doors. Not only for being a gorgeous hotel with international standard in a to-die-for-beautiful setting, but also for being a nice hotel. Every single staff member you meet is uber friendly. A luxury hotel that has actually succeeded in making you feel at home, as in a cosy and comforting home. With Christmas coming up the hotel has gone mad in tasteful decorations giving that extra holiday spirit. We had dinner in its gorgeous Cadier Bar, and naturally we spent a great amount of time at the SPA in the afternoon. The SPA however being so lovely it requires its own post...This was a fantastic weekend and I can´t stress enough how much just a little time away make wonders for getting back with renewed energies, whatever you do. Don´t you agree?
{Images 1-2 from Pinterest, the rest by myself}