Oct 8, 2012

The Monday Peptalk - Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson is one of my (and I´m certainly not alone) entrepreneurial role models to be inspired from. He started his first company being only 16 years old. Today his Virgin Group consists of more than 400 companies, among the Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Records. He has written several books, among them the international bestseller "Screw it, let´s do it - lessons in life and business". Apart from those hardcore facts it is also easy to like Richard Branson as a person. He always seems full of energy, inspiration and he really appreciates and loves his life. I think he has many great points in his business and life advises here, like "chase your dreams but live in the real world" and "live life to the full". And "when it´s not fun, move on". Maybe easier said than done many times, but well worth reflecting over. And maybe the most important, but also hardest sometimes, "have faith in yourself!"
Have a fulfilled MONDAY!
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