Oct 5, 2012

BON Weekend - with cheese & wine...


Friday! Is it the best day of the week? I think so. The weekend ahead. Plans to look forward to and also time without any plans (great luxury!). Our weekends always, always involve good food and wine in some sort. During the week I have no problem eating healthy (well, I try...) and I truly love my body combat and body pump classes. But come the weekend, and all that is gone. It´s planning meals, cooking, drinking wine and mainly just spending time with family and friends. This weekend we are invited to a wine tasting, by a true expert. They even help you build a personal wine profile based on your favourite wines. This could come in handy since we a) need to upgrade our knowledge, feel a bit stucked in some regions and labels... b) the host truly knows wine c) is there any better way to spend a Saturday afternoon in October? I already know for sure that all the wine tasting will  make us dying for French cheese so that will probably be the main course later that evening...What are you up to this weekend? Anyone with similar food and wine interest during weekends...?

Have a FABULOUS Friday friends!
(...and see you Sunday!)
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