Oct 16, 2012

A new era for SPA

Going to the SPA isn´t what it used to be with a mud mask and massage...The SPA world is evolving. Meet Dr. Ali. He´s an expert in ayurvedic medicine and naturopathy with a holistic vision, that is to say he views the person as a whole. Dr. Ali uses both oriental and western medicine and has transformed a health concept of "preventative medicine" into treatments offered at the luxurious Castel Monastero in Tuscany, which I wrote about in this initial blog post. Dr. Ali has a long list of celebrity clients like Prince Charles, Richard Branson, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Claudia Shiffer and Kate Moss, to name a few. Or as the Daily Mail says: "Dr Ali’s credentials are impeccable and his results are astonishing". One can choose from programmes called; Detox, Slimming or Lifestyle Revitalising. I would really like to visit this amazing place in the (near:) future. It sounds like the perfect combination of beautiful environment, great hotel, the best food and promising spa treatments like those from Dr. Ali. What do you say, would you like to check in here and take some of the treatments?
Until then I let these guys tell you what they think about Dr. Alis' treatments:
“Dr. Ali has done us a great favour in pointing out the way forward during the coming centuries and I hope his books will help to revolutionize many people’s lives and reintegrate mind, body and spirit.”
HRH Prince of Wales

“I promise you, this is amazing stuff!”
Morgan Freeman

“Dr. Ali has an encyclopedic knowledge of the muscle & nerve systems that he applies therapeutically & energetically to get maximum results. Try it you'll like it! Guaranteed!”
Samuel L Jackson

“Dr. Ali tells you everything about your symptoms that you don’t want to hear, then how they came about, then he cures them.”
Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber


  1. Är tyvärr inte mycket av en SPA-person då jag ofta tycker att det kostar mer än upplevelsen ger....då omvandlar jag till vad man kunde fått i fab things eller resor...OBVIOUSELY, har jag varit på fel ställen!!
    Kramis från France

  2. inner
    I love you blog
    I follow you
    saludos desde Chile

  3. I think I need to pay a visit to Castel Monastero :) xoxo

  4. omg that hot tub looks amazing!!!! ahhh!!

  5. Such a beautiful place and I agree.. spas have come a long way! I believe it's ALL about preventative medicine and treatments that work with individual needs. I'm sure this would be a wonderful experience!


  6. I wish I could spend a day there and relax... Beautiful!

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