Sep 2, 2012

Time for closet makeover

Shoe closet of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi in their Beverly Hills home
Photo: Roger Davies
Closet of Brooke Shields in her Greenwich Village townhouse, NY
Photo: William Waldron
Closet of Ralph Lauren at his Bedford home outside NY
Photo: Durston Saylor

Closet of hotelier Steve Vynn in his Las Vegas villa
Photo: Mary E. Nichols
Closet of Mariah Carey in her Manhattan apartment
Photo: Scott Frances

What better time to start the big closet makeover than beginning of autumn? The stars certainly know how to make the most out of a closet, according to these wonderful images from Architechtural Digest. I wish I could spare a much larger room for my own closet than the small room that I have today. But nevertheless these images definitely kicks my inspiration. I think they are all great, and I would maybe choose a mix of Ralph Laurens closet and with the light colour scheme from Mariah Careys. I must say that I am a little disapointed in Brooke Shields closet, since I don´t think it reflects the rest of her über gorgeous Greenwich Village home that I featured earlier here. So tell us, which one of these closets inspires you most?

{Thanks to Architechtural Digest for permitting images.}


  1. Wow! Id like to move in to any of these spaces! Fall is a great time to edit ones closet. That's on my to do list after the long weekend.

  2. Tror den översta men även den sista. Skulle inte tacka nej till någon egentligen:) kram Nilla

  3. Looks like my closets ;) Only joking -- I wish!

    I go with your choices. BTW, Bedford is not too far away from here, it is such a pretty place. We thought about going there today but changed our minds as the weather was more "beachy"


  4. wouldn't that be a dream!!!! love love love! i need inspo for my new closet i can't decide how to make it look! more closet inspo photos please if you have more!!! xO!

  5. I love them all but Brooke's gets my vote... this is such a timely post as yesterday feeling jaded from my sons 21st celebrations I took on the mammoth project of de-cluttering ALL of our closets!

    I felt SO good this morning when I saw how little was left and how much I want to fill our spaces for autumn/winter! ....also loved leaving lovely things last night outside of Oxfam for someone else to enjoy!
    Great post! and wishing you have a lovely week! x