Sep 2, 2012

Time for closet makeover

Shoe closet of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi in their Beverly Hills home
Photo: Roger Davies
Closet of Brooke Shields in her Greenwich Village townhouse, NY
Photo: William Waldron
Closet of Ralph Lauren at his Bedford home outside NY
Photo: Durston Saylor

Closet of hotelier Steve Vynn in his Las Vegas villa
Photo: Mary E. Nichols
Closet of Mariah Carey in her Manhattan apartment
Photo: Scott Frances

What better time to start the big closet makeover than beginning of autumn? The stars certainly know how to make the most out of a closet, according to these wonderful images from Architechtural Digest. I wish I could spare a much larger room for my own closet than the small room that I have today. But nevertheless these images definitely kicks my inspiration. I think they are all great, and I would maybe choose a mix of Ralph Laurens closet and with the light colour scheme from Mariah Careys. I must say that I am a little disapointed in Brooke Shields closet, since I don´t think it reflects the rest of her ├╝ber gorgeous Greenwich Village home that I featured earlier here. So tell us, which one of these closets inspires you most?

{Thanks to Architechtural Digest for permitting images.}