Sep 23, 2012

Success according to DvF

I am sure many of you read Gwyneth Paltrows GOOP. In the latest edition Gwyneth interviews the fabulous fashion designer and icon Diane von Furstenberg. She has been featured several times here on the blog, not only because of her great clothes but because she has a beautiful NYC rooftop apartment worth showing and the fact that she knew what woman she wanted to become. In this brand new interview with GOOP Diane von Furstenberg said much more, so read the whole interview here, but this is an inner-outerbeauty favourite:

Gwyneth: What are the three top qualities you look for in a female friend and why?

Diane: - Confidence, because insecurity is a waste of time...honesty because there is no point in being told everything is great all the time. A woman needs friends who will tell her the truth. And a sense of humor is so important.

Gwyneth to Diane upon a happy marriage and success:
- What would you say are the key elements of its success?
Diane: - I think success in any relationship- the one you have with your husband, your friends, your children -, they all start with you. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself and if that thrives, so will the others.

Note to self. She´s is so right.

Have a fabulous SUNDAY! 

{Link with love! Images via Pinterest and edited by Inner Outer Beauty 1  2 google}


  1. Love love love this and what you write Caroline!

    Thank you for making my day


    1. Thank you thank you thank you Lotta for reading and commenting! Love C

  2. She is one wise woman! Totally make sense to me. now I just have to follow it....!

  3. Det var ju bara ett fantastiskt citat!
    Önskar dig en bra start på nya veckan! Kram Jennifer