Sep 26, 2012

Oh rainy day!

This is a day of rain. You know when you just know that it will continue to rain all day long. You can tell it from the rain. It sort of drops very consistent and doesn´t change. So, this is a perfect excuse to stay in. Start that project. Read that empowering book. Maybe even bake a cake. Try to keep the energies high anyway. To embrace the fact that it is definitely autumn, again. Have another cup of tea. Light a Diptyque candle. That´s the day I´m aiming for. I hope you have a great day too!


  1. Thanks for showing us how beautiful rain can be!I wish I could sport a sophisticated rainy look, normally it is more the soaking wet one after having forgotten umbrella and the Hunters safe at home :-)

  2. Härliga höstbilder! Det är det som är så skönt med hösten tycker jag, att det känns så accepterat att vara inne och bara mysa :).
    Hopas din dag är bra! Kram Jennifer

  3. Thanks for such a suuny perspective on rainy weather ...x