Aug 23, 2012

Window shopping for inspiration

The other day I took a stroll in the harbour of Puerto Banus. There are many restaurants and shops to visit, and the best part is that they are open all day, no siesta here, and most are open until 2 am in the evening. Well, most of the shops you end up just visiting though, but they´re a great source for inspiration...


  1. I want to transport myself there right now! Everything looks so lovely, and the sky so blue :)

  2. Beautiful spot and looks like a fun place to do a little shopping !

  3. Love the old lemon Mercedes! with red upholstery! mmmmm..
    Just stumbled across your blog and very much enjoying your posts, I'd love the lemon tree mosaic on a previous post and fabulous Spanish pottery...looking forward to reading more!
    Thanks for sharing:-)
    Fiona xx

  4. love it! the sky looks so blue and everything looks so beautiful~~~ xO!