Aug 18, 2012

To eat locally

When in Spain one simply have to eat tapas, or pintxos as they are called in the southern region where we are. Our favourite spot since many years are La Taberna del Pinxto in Puerto Banus. This is a genuine Spanish establishment and very casual, and we go there several times for lunch or late dinner, since they vary the tapas from cold to hot in the evening and you never get bored with the concept. Waiters come with large plates full of one particular tapas and you pick one if you are tempted and if not, simply wait for the next round. You gather the small sticks on your plate and when you decide that you are finished (this is the hard part:) they count them and charge you for how many you had. It´s a great concept that is great in price, and children are more than welcome (that is also very late in the evening since Spanish children seem to have another clock than the Scandinavian children:). Some favourite pintxos are fried mozzarella with anchovies, fried Camembert, crab mousse, avocado with prawns, mini entrecote and many, many more...preferably with some chilled rosé wine (which costs less than the childrens water or juice...) since it´s still very hot in the evening...

Have a fab Saturday!