Aug 21, 2012

Spanish finds at the market

Saturday in Puerto Banus means market day. So together with almost every other person in Puerto Banus I headed up to the local market this weekend. The weather for this little excursion was outstanding. Not too hot and a bit foggy. Couldn´t wish for better shopping conditions. The market is situated by the big bull fight arena with endless stands of almost everything. Steer away from all the usual crap you´ll find at the market and go for the rare local suppliers from pearls, jewellery and most of all my own favourite, Spanish ceramics. I´m slightly obsessed with it actually, having brought many pieces over the years back to our home in Sweden, gently packed in suitcases, me a bit "oh careful with that bag mr" at the airport:) But the pieces provide us with found memories of sun and carefree days the rest of the year, so it´s worth it. If you visit the market I can really recommend Swedish owned restaurant Starz, right in the middle of it all. Their BLT is one of the best I have ever had, with homemade basilmayo and avocado to it. And don´t you just love the glamourous take on the traditional beach bag in gold or silver?