Aug 26, 2012

Bohemian luxury at the beach

The other day when we went to Tarifa we had the hotel Dos Mares as a base, spending the whole day at the hotel and its beach. This is a little hotel gem with all kinds of guest, from couples, families, active people to chic people. There´s room for everyone. To describe it the words colourful, charming, unique and with details everywhere will do it justice. It´s not a luxury hotel, but since it has so many details and a to die for view and location, this feels like bohemian luxury as you want it. This is not a boring hotel, to say the least. Being a hotel junkie, I could see myself check in here for a couple of days...


  1. I'm a hotel junkie too ;)

    Bohemian luxury sounds fab! It looks gorgeous.
    We are currently staying in a motel..not so stylish or chic but fun.


  2. I could definitely see myself checking into this place as well...and if there's umbrella drinks I am there. Thanks for visiting my blog, I just followed you and look forward to your next post.

  3. Åh vad härligt du har det... ingen brådska hem.. här har det blivit höst och kallt och grått..
    Kram Jannike

  4. I wouldn't mind getting lost there for a few weeks! :) xoxo

  5. Gosh! Ab fab!
    Kram Sofia