Jul 23, 2012

Could it be any more Scandinavian?

Danish  interior designer Tine K. is renowned for her typical Scandinavian style in her home as well as in her own interior decoration line. A couple of years ago I went several times to the Tine K. flagship store in fabulous Hellerup, just ten minutes outside Copenhagen city. It was a unique shop of its own, with her own finest Scandinavian designs mixed with gorgeous clothes from e.g Philip Lim, Baum und Pferdgarten and many other stylish designers. Then Tine K. suddenly shut down the shop, and now the great pieces can be found through her webshop and many resellers around the world instead. But her home really gives a glimpse of what to expect. Thanks to Blackballon who got a private photo shoot, and gave permission to show you these unique photos from Tine K's private home. It really doesn´t get more Scandinavian or actually Danish than this!

{Photos with permission from Blackballon. Photographer Anna-Malin}