Jul 3, 2012

Bunk beds for summer

This is the time of year to spend time at the beach house, or dream about having a beach house...In the summer house sleeping arrangements are mostly a bit more leisure than normal. A bunk bed is actually the ideal solution, for storying kids and guests. And today a bunk bed can be both practical and luxurious, according to these amazing photos. I know I wouldn´t have any problem sleeping in one of those, for the whole summer (especially in that last white, glamorous bunk bed..), and the kids would just love to have their bed like this, probably all the year round, being awake all night telling stories...

Sleep tight!

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  1. Åh, vilken härlig inspiration! Mina barn vill så gärna ha våningssängar i sina rum!
    Ha en fin tisdag!
    Kram Jenny

  2. Now that is what I call bunkbeds! Nothing like the boooring ones from IKEA. I will save your photos, because we are planning to buy a summer place where all of my three children are going to have to share a room. Thank you!

  3. Så där skulle jag gärna vilja ha det på vårt landställe som vi är på väg till nu:) kram Nilla

  4. This is so sweet! Brings memories of my childhood! xoxo

  5. I have been loving the way these bundbeds look for a while now as well! Great call on putting them in a vacation home. Super practical.

  6. Yes, I dream of a beach house and would love a bunk bed. I had one as a kid...still miss it ;)


  7. Wow, gillar alla olika fina lösningar! Men den första - ja, tack jag flyttar in i morgon:)

    kram CC

  8. omg too cool! they look even better than pottery barn. I need to get some bunk beds for my girls at my parent's home someday!! the white ones just gave me some inspo thanks C!!! xx