Jun 13, 2012

A real visualization board

Many of you are for sure familiar with, or maybe doing your own, visualization board. A visionary board can be done in many ways. One of the most creative and really most effective I have ever seen is my friends "beach board". She got the perfect coffee table book about beach clubs around the world as a gift, because she talks about, dream about, and live for sun and beaches (since we live in Sweden there is always a lust for more sun). Although she didn´t stop reading the book once. She instead teared out every photo page from the book and transformed a wall in the bedroom to a visionary board of beaches. That way she wakes up to beaches and go to sleep to beaches (the wall is on her side of the bed:). This was in a point of her life when she felt she didn´t travel at all and just longed for sun drenched beaches and travelling. Days after the wall was up, unexpected trips of all different kinds, almost always involving beaches, started to come into her life. The last two years she has travelled more than many of us. And she´s always sunkissed:) Maybe this can be inspirational to use visualization in your own life. This one worked out really well. (And I gave her the book...so she´s forgiven for not using it traditionally:)

Ps. If you are interested in learning more about visualization and how to set goals for creating your dream life, and have not read this already, please go to the creative visualization section on this blog.

{Images 1-2 by my self and 3 scanned from a glossy mag that featured my friends wall}